Communication Solutions for people of Egypt

Twitter and Facebook Access:

If anyone want to bypass government blocking of website names, use numerical IP addresses:
For twitter
For facebook

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Follow these Tweeps for news:@nolanjazeera – @3arabawy – @minazekri – @waelabbas – @shababassafir – @AJEnglish – @TravellerW – @alarabiya_ar – @AJElive – @weddady – @bbcworld – @bencnn – @nohaatef – @Dima_Khatib – @SBZ_news – @SultanAlQassemi – @EMAJmag – @ramyraoof

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Google Service to post into Twitter:
Google listed the following numbers for people to use the service: +16504194196 or +390662207294 or +97316199855.

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TV Channels and Live Broadcast:

Jazeera :

i. Live Streaming:

ii. Frequencies: Nile Sat (11555 Vertical) – HotBird (12111 Vertical) – Arab Sat (12034 Horizontal)


i. Live online coverage link:


i.                    Live online coverage link:

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For reporting:Please send photos, news, and videos via email to Your tweets, photos and sent material will be projected on with millions of viewers.

You can also leave a solidarity message or express what is going on around you,  call +1.571.529.7724

If you have any Arabic or English article you wish to publish please send to , it will be published in different youth newspapers, sites and blogs in Lebanon and Europe.

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Hashtags: Please use the following hashtags: #Jan25 #Egypt

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Sophisticated connections:If someone is willing to use Satellite telephones and/or Satellite Internet (BGAN and/or Thuraya) uplink gear. If anyone is in Egypt and can purchase gear but they’re just missing money, I know people who can try to help pay for it. Just as importantly, if someone is in the area of Egypt and heading *into* Cairo, we would like to help get this gear to people on the ground. The goal is to get this gear into Egypt as soon as possible. If you need it, reach me  on @Beirutiyat on Twitter, leave a direct message and I will hook you up with people in charge:

Here’s an example of some of the possible gear:

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