Google says in Arabic Israel won’t vanish

Assaad Thebian

A friend of mine (Salim Al Lawzi) sent me an email asking me to check the following. If I wished to use Google Translate option and type down the following sentences:

Egypt will finish

Germany will finish

USA will finish

and ask to translate them from English to Arabic, then the translation will be in one piece. The Arabic translation as shown above shall be including the words (سوف تنتهي) which means “will finish”. But when anyone tries to put the sentence “Tsrael will finish”, then the result will be something different. I tried it and used other terms such as “will vanish” and “will disappear” and the translation always said in Arabic (لن تنتهي) which means “will never finish/disappear/vanish”. Please check the print screen below to make sure.

So no one is saying a word about conspiracy theories here, but it is a bug that one of the programmers intended to do. Maybe Google can listen to our voice and treat the words in the same sense while translation with no favors. On personal level, I would love that the translation of “Assaad will finish” to say : NEVER.


Update Note:  Google fixed the glitch in less than two hours, thanks for having a listening ears all over the web!

9 thoughts on “Google says in Arabic Israel won’t vanish

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