Security Bug in Facebook/ Gmail ?

I just began a new job as a social media consultant with a new company Takreem . And since one of my roles is to handle Facebook as one of the social media platforms, I received a forwarded email from one of my colleagues asking me to handle a reply that went to the old Facebook group (find below).

When I pressed on the name of the person who sent us the message, I was able to access to the Takreem Facebook account, whereas I was signed in to my personal Facebook account.

Maybe I am being stupid, but this means that if you received any email from Facebook any you forward it to anyone, he/she will be able to access your Facebook account. Does this make sense? Does it make sense that your username/password are encrypted in an email which you do not know when it can fall under the hands of other people?! I call this a security breach especially that it means Google is able to access my Facebook account, not that am worried about that, but why should they?! Thank God that gmail uses http(s), what if my connection was not secured, who guarantees my Facebook is not being hacked/hijacked?!

Do I make any sense?! Please let me know.

Note: some of the print screen small characters are deleted since I am not sure if we can share the initiator or the link of Facebook without being hacked.

6 thoughts on “Security Bug in Facebook/ Gmail ?

  1. It’s simply a stored cookie by ur browser, if u try to open that same email in a browser where u never logged w/ ur Fb username this won’t happen. try to clear the cookies and test it again… I don’t think u shld worry

    • Hey Emilie.. thanks for the comment 🙂 kifik? been some time.. I got a tweet from Facebook employee that says that it is true.. when u forward a Facebook mail u will be able to access to that account.. so do not forward ur facebook mails..

  2. Hey assad

    Https will protect what you and the website are transferring between each other, but if you notice some components of the page are not secure and can be tapped/hijacked… so make sure to use no script and ad block with a modern browser.
    also, make sure of the link and the email address you got the original message from, such a link can be used to drop software on your pc.


      • ba3d ma l rejel 3emel l 5itab mberi7 ilit la 7ali roo7 2ralak kilimten ya sabi. 3indi imti7an l 2osboo3 l jey
        3indi ilak so2alen:
        aymtan saret l laique pride
        w feek tfassir aktar 3an l link iza 3miltillo forward? 7atta law l cookies cleared?

      • eh it seems soo law betma77i meet shaghle.. hala2 brid 3ala ur mail ba3d shwey.. bas khalini ehsteghel abel 🙂

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