Flash mob in Beirut against the sectarian regime

في الذكرى ال36 لاندلاع الحرب الاهلية في لبنان، اعادت مجموعة من اللبنانيين واللبنانيات احياء ذكرى الحرب الاليمة تعبيراً عن رفضهم لها وللنظام الطائفي.
تنفيذ: “ضحايا حروب النظام الطائفي”
الزمان: 13 نيسان 2011
المكان: عين المريسة

On the 36th anniversary of the Lebanese Civil War, a group of Lebanese revived its painful memory to say NO TO WAR and to the sectarian regime.

Flashmob Produced and performed by: “Victims of the Sectarian Regime’s Wars”
Date: April 13, 2011
Location: Ain el Mreisseh


One thought on “Flash mob in Beirut against the sectarian regime

  1. Not sure this qualifies as a flashmob. It’s more of an “artistic” performance with a political message.
    But one thing is sure, it’s a big malghasa! There’s nothing sloppier than the message that they are conveying (or trying to convey). The civil war was actually a case of “Isqat al nizam al ta2ifi”, let’s not forget that one side actually justified its weapons in the name of the overthrow of the confessional state… and that’s exactly what the war did. For over 15 years, the “confessional state” was completely neutralised. Its government, its parliament, all its institutions collapsed.
    The confessional state was later resurrected by the Taef agreement…
    When I see performances like this (or like today’s march), I realise that change is hopeless in this country because of lack of insight and basic common sens.

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