Who is behind the Z Liberation Cell?

Photo Source: http://www.trella.org

There is no doubt that Zaatar W Zeit (a Lenbanese restaurant with different branches in the country) last campaign to attract a buZZ about themon social media was a successful one. It is actually quite fun and very smart move to do as well, a very unique approach to grab the attention of blogeers and Facebook users as well.

The story begins when the alleged “ZLiberationCell” published on April 14th the following tweet: “We are determined to remove all the Zs that we can find in this country!” and released this new hashtag #Missing Z

The next day, many bloggers including Imad Bazzi (trella.org) and Danielle Baiz (meinlebanon.wordpress.com) received a cryptic letter saying that a kidnapping of the “Z” letters will happen soon. And then the pictures of “aatar w eit” (without the Zs) of different branches were highlighted. (In Zalka, a police car is in the picture which makes me wonder if they are in this campaign as well or not).

ZwZ Zalka Branch and police - Photo Source: http://www.trella.org

Anyhow, the campaign goes on until today and the identity of the “ZLiberationCell” remains unkown, until..

Last week, I was heading home from my work when I saw some people removing the Z from the Sodeco branch, so I thought it was a renovation or cleaning the sign. But when this campaign began, I had my doubts. I decided to go undercover (woooo) and reveal who is behind this!

First thing that caught my attention was the very own Zaatar W Zeit twitter account, it shows a very slow action before April 12th, and then out of a sudden on the 15th, more tweets start showing up rapidly. When I saw the same hashtag being used, I was more certain that I can bust ZwZ. The other twitter account is for the ZLiberationCell and their website was: http://www.missingz.com

I tried to login using the word admin for several times, until a message popped  out saying: “The account you are trying to access has been locked for security reasons, Please email the webmaster for support: wassimhakim@gmail.com”. And since I am by now Sharlock Thebian, I entered the name through Facebook search to find out who is Wassim Hakim.

Wassim turned out to be the Production and IT Manager in “Eastine Marketing” and who is one of their customers?! Well yes, you figured it out! Zaatar W Zeit.

I rest my case.

NOTE: many people knew or had a hunch it was ZwZ who made this campaign, I am doing no discovery here but just showing small flows that could have made the campaign untraceable!


7 thoughts on “Who is behind the Z Liberation Cell?

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