Lebanese Restaurants Blacklist?


We all heard about a Lebanese Restaurants’ black list, with all the fuzz that Kalam El Nas (a TV show on LBCI) made more than a month ago. After that episode, the show producers sent a bulk message to thousands of Lebanese phones’ saying that Kalam El Nas denies that they have a black list for restaurants from the Ministry of Health.

But it didn’t stop there, people on the streets kept talking about that list, adding or subtracting names according to their wishes or what they heard off!

Message sent from Kalam El Nas

I have tried searching the internet to check about this list, and which restaurants are included and which are discluded and see if it makes sense, or is it just a stunt or a propaganda tool done by a competitor or simply some group of young people bored and had nothing to do. I ended up with nothing, only one article that relates to the subject and talks about another black list for water bottling companies (published on September 1st, but for one reason or two vanished, and we can only review the cached version of it).

Now whether this list is fake or valid, I will allow myself to publish the names of the mentioned restaurants in the list I got for few reasons:

1. To allow people to comment, add or subtract names according to their own experiences

2. To share the best and the worst that happens in the restaurant services’ in Lebanon (and hoping to go beyond that to all the services sector) giving the people (costumers) the tool to hold the people in charge of serving them per fees accountable for their mistakes.

Please comment, share, like, dislike, add, or subtract restaurants that you think should be blacklisted. Let us also create a white list as well. I wouldn’t mind also to say Thank You for the companies’ that respect themselves.


It is about time we make our own Ministry of Health and other ministries voicing our voice and asking for our rights.

Without any further adieu/ado:

Restaurants listed in Death Danger Order:

1. Republic Restaurant – Nahr l Mot
2. Seasweet – (Cockroach found in Ice Cream).
3. Georges Farah – kaslik
4. Bohsali – Hamra (Expiry date)
5. B2B (white worms found in bottom orange juice box)
6. Bain Militaire
7. Bliss House
8. Utopia (The famous recent story – 10 infected people 3 fatalities!!!)
9. KFC
10. TSC
11. Spinneys
12. Matar
13. Dekwaneh Farouj
14. Resto Karam
15. Down Town Restaurant – Down Town
16. Saladiet
17. Satellity – Batroun
18. McDonald’s – All Branches
19. Malak el Taouk – All Branches (chicken some expired, some not grilled)
20. Snack Adib – Kleyat
21. Burger House – Sin el fil
22. Mazar – Jdeideh
23. Charcutier Aoun – All branches

37 thoughts on “Lebanese Restaurants Blacklist?

  1. Assad, thank you for posting about this. I’ve heard a lot about this list but I still don’t understand its origin. Where did you find it if it was not published by LBC and if LBC did not publish it, could it be credible?

    Also what is this list based on? Some entries are far too vague, like Spinney, TSC, Aoun–you’ve just named all the major supermarket chains in Lebanon. On what offense? Which branches? Then it names the biggest fast food chains, KFC, B2B, Bliss, Malak Taouk and Sea Sweet. Put it all together and you maybe 100 outlets or more. Who visited these outlets, what tests were made, what results? A list so broad really seems to difficult to take seriously.also please fix the comment boxes because it is impossible to type in English as they are set to Arabic script.

    • Hello Habib.. No worries.

      As I mentioned, I am not sure if this list is vague or its real. It is the list that everyone was sending to his/her friend via emails in Lebanon and I got a copy of. I agree that the list has no scientific prove, but the reason behind posting it is to create this exact buzz, to share stories about what happened with each one of us and create the citizens’ black list(s) of all services in Lebanon.

      Again, I say that am not saying this list is credible or not.. But I also would like those people mentooned to have the right to defend themselves and post their version of the story. Let us create a sort of a meiym where costumers and service providers can actually communicate.

      Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. Totally not surprised that SeaSweet is on that list. There is a branch right next to my house and I can see right into their kitchen, which is chaotic and the outside is always dirty.

  3. As you already menioned that you are not sure if that list is vague or real,so …
    why you are pulishing such articles???,
    you are not the one who did the study–
    its not your business !! you have to make sure from your “references ” and information before publishing it on the web.
    because its a dangerous article you mentionned a very respectable chains on national and international base…
    do u know ??? this article may lead you to legal pursued
    furthermore in the ethical point of view , you have mentionned 3 main supermarkets in Lebanon ( TSC, Spinneys’, Aoun) and the top fast food restaurants (KFC, McDonalds) and as we all know these chains and others handles thousands of lebanese employees ans hundreds of families.
    from my point of view , as a lebanese citizen , i think this article came out after a very boring time you had and you are ready to do anything so to let people talk about your articles…
    with my respect

    • Dear Zendn Zeineddine,

      Why am I publishing such an article?! Well its for different reasons which i mentioned in my article

      1. Obviously because it is already there, and people are circulating it
      2. It is to help those who are searching for such list

      Now comes the important stuff:

      3. to create a buzz and awareness campaign about services provided to people including food industry
      4. initiating a campaign to ask people to take photos – videos and write comments about the worst practices of restaurants and other services around in order to hold the service providers accountable

      Now regarding me being persecuted, I do not think this could happen.

      1. I declared to the public that this is not from a trust worthy source and that am not sure if valid or not
      2. I only copied pasted what was circulated in emails so its more like sharing that email on Facebook but I choose a blog

      Now in ethical point of view as well,

      I mentioned no one.. someone else mentioned, I copied pasted. And if you are so afraid on the lives of thousands of families that have members working in these chains and restaurants, allow me to be afraid on their health and on the rest of the population health.

      According to your hypothesis, we should be silent about the sectarian regime and leaders in Lebanon because many families get money out of the jobs that these sectarian leaders have provided.. Guess that is right, but millions die because of their actions too.. You have the choice to be silent, I don’t..

      And one more thing, my blog has been 80.000 times before this article, if its your first time you visit, I am glad that I got your attention and I hope when you feel bored again that you will pass by and check more articles.

      Thank you for valuable feedback any how.

      With respect,


  4. Mr thebian ,
    I totally respect your motivational attitude.
    concerning your care about the citizens health that’s very good and who does not ?
    all I wanted from you and from all journalists and bloggers who have great impact in public ,
    is to double check there references and don’t share any broadcast or any e-mail, status …. before making up their mind .
    especially that LBCI itself sent apologizes and denied the transparency of the list .
    now I really respect your move (that was NOT CLEAR AT ALL )
    to create a buzz and awareness campaign about services provided to people including food industry”
    “initiating a campaign to ask people to take photos – videos and write comments about the worst practices of restaurants and other services around in order to hold the service providers
    but you could simply do it without this ” propaganda” you made and mentioning names .
    LET THE PUBLIC share ideas but we won’t believe anything not tactile…
    and NEVER copy-paste something that effect your credibility and transparency …
    cordially yours …

  5. بس بيهمني الإشارة لموضوع مهم كثير، بحسب اللائحة يلي فوق في مطعمين او ثلاثة بس يلي مش آكل فيهن قبل! صحيح ما صرلي شي بس هيدا مش دليل إنو المطاعم منيحة! هيدا دليل إنو أنا إنسان محظوظ ومش كل مرة بتسلم الجرة! شكراً أسعد

  6. It’s wrong to publish this list especially when nothing is sure about it. I’d like to add that the minister of public health said that they will publish a list of the recommended restaurants, food shops, pubs, etc. and that there will not be a black list because they will not cause any bad reputation for any restaurant. They will just close them until they improve their hygiene and sanitation and be tested again.
    I believe that this list has no correspondence with the ministry of public health nor with Kalam El Nas.
    It was created by some haters of these names who wants to destroy their good reputation.
    NB: There is no restaurant in Batroun called satellity..

  7. i called the ministry of health on the number 01615721 and they told me its a fake list someone who wants to hurt the food industry made that list .

  8. Dears, I just want to share with you the below

    It happened many times that I order food from crepaway furn el chebak, and each time I do so, I find a coccinelle, hair, …I stopped eating and ordering from crepaway, I called them each time, and they appologized, and send me desert
    Trust me on this, it happened like 3 times
    I work in a company and my colleagues didn’t believe me until one of them found a bee, another one got a hair,…
    This is weird, how can this happen?
    Now I just hate crepaway

  9. hello i love kfc,
    i know how they work and they are so ” mna2enfeen
    w dashroune min sheghel la2an ana ma kinet 7atit hair net ana w 3am lif sand
    fa 2akeed fi shi sa7 w fi shi ghalat bi hal lista
    w i love spinness
    i know that because min youm yawme 3am neshtere minha w ma shefet shi
    w khalas balla na2 yalli 3andou shi w ibyikmoush shi yitfadal iysawir w iybaligh 7aj tekherbou byout 3alam

    • hassan ma3ak ha2 100% arafouna men hal lista el beykha mbayan ano hadan bado yetssalabessir yeb3at shu hal habal asslan el lebneneh mish ahbal

  10. ZENDN

    Do you work at some of those places that you’re so defending them and forgetting about the health of people? As well as your health? We don’t enjoy eating hair and worms and whatsoever in the food! maybe you do

    • guys did you watch the mtv news they showed this site and they said that the black list is all fake and it was the minister of tourism who said that and he even spoke in the name of minister of health who told him to say that the list is a criminal act and its all fake and the will charge all the people who listed this list .so watch the mtv news tonight and you will see what I’m talking about.

  11. en plus yali 7atin al lista w3arfin eno hole al restaurant mesh mni7 ta n2oul kelon hek al 3alam betl2ouwa metel al namel andon w3ade wbi n2o eno ya aderbo 3anon ta yzabto 7alon aw ma 3ad tn2o am tmouto wtetsamamo eno m3leh y3ne ma araftouna 7ayetna ma 3ad ekol la la7me wla dgeg arfeneh shi esmo akel r7amouna shway ya 3alam ya balto akel men bara aw ndabo b2a

    • because marwa the list is wrong and it has been said by most official and the criminal here is the one who invented it he’s the one who should be prosecuted and we should search for the true restaurants or snake that are not following a food safety program .ty

  12. first of all, the above list is 100% false, no proof no credentials no documentation.
    i believe that lebanese owners/employees are trully affected by this tragedy that got out without any indications.
    secondly i believe that the ministry has totally denied that list so is lbc kalam el nas, so i dont know why the buzzz.
    they are paralyzing the economy they didnt only mention the biggest names in restaurant services, but also biggest retailers in lebanon, that employ more than 10000 lebanese employees with high reputation and trusworthiness.
    dont you believe that 1 of those employees could be unloyal and take a picture or video, and get paid for it in order to show the truth if anything isnt in order.
    please dont confuse lebanese, please another time make sure the list is correct or backed up by documentation or proof, because these companies in my opinion has lost alot, and it would take time, money, and alot of marketing to regain what was lost in this foolish kids play.

  13. And i keep finding bugs and worms in food every time i eat at petit cafe. there maybe no documentation proof or credentials like you mentionned mr nadim aoun but there are people’s experiences with different restaurants in lebanon and people have witnessed a lot of that with many of the restaurants mentionned above or others. I might not have proof or reasearch or whatever it is needed to stop such restaurants but i can very well share what happened with me and no one can convince me of what you say if the incident happened with me. All the proof you need is people talking about what happened with them! and leave the rest to the ministry. The buzz is right and all of the restaurants which are not sticking to the hygenic standards, yes, will be affected like you say. and we want them to be affected so it can be stopped, i don’t want to be fed expired food or drinks and i certainly don’t want to be fed insects and hair.

    Thank you

  14. and one more thing! foolish kids play??? are you serious????? Do you think being poisoned or finding disgusting insects and hair in food we very well paid for is kids play? i agree we cant accuse anyone of anything but im sorry nadim im going to say whenever im poisoned from a certain restaurant. anyways, just like you ask us to be fair to the innocent restaurants, you need to be fair to the people who got hurt from other certain ones. i think people’s health is MUCH MORE IMPORTANT than that economy you speak of.

  15. OMG i was watching new tv lel nasher and he spoke in the name of the minister of health and he called that all the people who listed the list of restaurants (that they call blacklist ) are fake and they will be prosecuted .ya 3aibelshoum 3a hal ballad yalleh befakhto sha3bo beba3don bala proof.tfiiii

  16. watch mtv news tonight at 12 am and see what they talked about the people who send or post this list that they are the dirty criminal ones and they will be followed to reach whoever is this .

  17. تعقيب: La sécurité des aliments au Liban, les restaurants au Liban et la liste noire - Un article de Le Blog d’Albert Amgar

  18. wala ya jame3a sho bado y2ul l wa7ad n7na l sha3eb el lebnene medre kif menfaker ana mwazaf bl kfc w kel yum bekol men l kfc l2an byetl3le wajbe djeej 2w crispy w ma fe atyab menon l2an l kfc bjeeb l djeej l nay men 3nd hawa chicken , b3deen bl kfc fe she esmo modeer l joude w hayda l modeer shagelto metel shaglet mwazafeen wezaret l ektesad bda2e2 be tawaree5 l djeej w kel she elo expier date ana ma 3m bektub hl she 7ata defe3 3n l kfc l2n kel l 3alam bt3ref sho howe l kfc wele be7eb yekol ahla w sahla wele ma be7eb howe 7or w bl nesbe la mesda2eyet hl list akeed mesh mazbuta l2an mat3am el mazaar mano be jdeydeh howe bl sabteyeh 3l khat l 3am y3ne kif wa7ad 3m yetehem mat3am eno aklo mesh ndeef w howe mesh 3aref wen hl mat3am 3a kel 7al yala hayde tesleyeh la hl sha3eb byetsala feya she esbu3een w b3deen mnensa yala alah la ydur 7adan

  19. Dear Assaad,
    I agree with your intention but disagree with the methods, yes we need to create awareness towards all the issues and problems that are affecting our safety and the safety of our families, nothing is more important than that. but to post names of institutions and restaurants and accuse them of poisoning the public simply because it is being circulated on BB and email without any official governmental proof. that is not fair. to be honest that is harsh
    It is like sending someone to prison for suspecting him of a crime and then letting him go after few year because he was found innocent.
    yes we need to encourage freedom of speech, but most of all we need to empower transparency and objectivity.
    This way we are telling every person who doesn’t like a restaurant to blackmail it and that he can get away with it.
    How come no one is blaming the government for letting these rotten meat pass through port customs

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