Safa won Football league, media lost credibility

I will allow myself to make a very fast and short post in English about the incident that happened thirty minutes ago with LBC and MTV reporting that gunfire shots were heard in the area of Tarik El Jdide and Corniche El Mazraa. This is news and it should be aired, fine with that. But taking into consideration that we are living in Lebanon, gun shots bring into memory spontaneously 7th of May clashes between different political/sectarian groups especially when we say it is happening in Tarik Jdeide (a very sensitive and highly tensed area of Lebanon’s capital: Beirut).

How the media reacted is by copying pasting what sources have said without even fact checking. If they did, they would have discovered that the gun fire has happened in Wata Msaytbeh, a close area to Corniche El Mazraa and Tarik Jdeide and it was in celebration of Safa Soccer Team winning the Lebanese League for the very first time in their history. Note 1: It does not need a genius to analyze that it is the Safa fans since the Lebanese are so used to shoot in the air in sorrow and in celebrations. Note2: I condemn this stupid action.

So what the media did is their first basic role: spread the new, but failed in the second: being responsible. This incident is one out of many where the Lebanese media fail to be responsible in reporting and they run fast to take stories or deliver half truths that make a buzz but at the same time create more tension among the citizens. Look for instance on what happened on Twitter and how the media has dealt with this news, and the copy paste they did without even checking the facts. I tried to reply them all that they need to make sure, but no answer. Notice that journalist Ibrahim Dsouki, NewTV website manager, was more cautious in dealing with the news and tweeted a speculation.

Note: Thank you @annahar for replying and being a good listener on twitter.

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Borders Vs. Bloggers

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“The difference between Arab Bloggers 2009 and Arab Bloggers 2011 is that we are no longer the 100/200 crazy people who thought change is evitable” those blogger’s words registered in the head. After two years on the last meeting in Beirut, the Arab Bloggers meet in the “free” Tunisia after three successful revolutions in Egypt, Libya and Tunisia and other in process in Bahrain, Syria and Yemen. The Arab spring that has started since Bou Azizi struck fire to himself, few hours away from where the Arab Bloggers are meeting has given hope for more democratic and freedom respecting regimes. Tunisia and Egypt were supposed to be one of them, but certain indicators prove not! Imad Bazzi (@trella), a Lebanese blogger was denied entry to Egypt last month, and was sent back home from Cairo International Airport. Speculations are that this refusal (after many entries post January 25 revolution) is because of the visit Imad did to Michael Nabil, an Egyptian blogger arrested post-revolution for his opinions against the Army Council. Now comes Tunisia turn, Arab Bloggers meeting was supposed to host eleven Palestinian representatives (several bloggers and two employees in the Heinrich Boel – Ramallah; one of the organizers of the event), but only one showed up.  The reasons behind the refusal of issuing the visa for the Palestinians are still uncertain. The Palestinian bloggers said that the embassy told them that the refusal came from the Ministry of Interior.

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Who is behind the Z Liberation Cell?

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There is no doubt that Zaatar W Zeit (a Lenbanese restaurant with different branches in the country) last campaign to attract a buZZ about themon social media was a successful one. It is actually quite fun and very smart move to do as well, a very unique approach to grab the attention of blogeers and Facebook users as well.

The story begins when the alleged “ZLiberationCell” published on April 14th the following tweet: “We are determined to remove all the Zs that we can find in this country!” and released this new hashtag #Missing Z

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Security Bug in Facebook/ Gmail ?

I just began a new job as a social media consultant with a new company Takreem . And since one of my roles is to handle Facebook as one of the social media platforms, I received a forwarded email from one of my colleagues asking me to handle a reply that went to the old Facebook group (find below).

When I pressed on the name of the person who sent us the message, I was able to access to the Takreem Facebook account, whereas I was signed in to my personal Facebook account.

Maybe I am being stupid, but this means that if you received any email from Facebook any you forward it to anyone, he/she will be able to access your Facebook account. Does this make sense? Does it make sense that your username/password are encrypted in an email which you do not know when it can fall under the hands of other people?! I call this a security breach especially that it means Google is able to access my Facebook account, not that am worried about that, but why should they?! Thank God that gmail uses http(s), what if my connection was not secured, who guarantees my Facebook is not being hacked/hijacked?!

Do I make any sense?! Please let me know.

Note: some of the print screen small characters are deleted since I am not sure if we can share the initiator or the link of Facebook without being hacked.

Google Translate hacked again – Lebanon will not lose a war

Assaad Thebian

Two months ago, Google translate was hacked when people noticed that trying to translate “Israel will vanish/destroy/disappear” to Arabic was not translated properly.

For more info, check my older post:

Google says in Arabic Israel won’t vanish


It seems that this has happened again, this time the winner is on the other side of the Lebanese/Israeli border. Since 12:30 PM after I read the first report about the subject, the Google translate failed to give the exact meaning of : “Lebanon will lose the war”, instead of giving the right translation, the Arabic version says: “Lebanon will not lose the war”. Though on the same post for translation, many countries including Spain, Egypt and China will lose the war (both in English and Arabic). : The Feminine Touch


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Assaad Thebian

Okay, first of all, I would like to apologize for anyone who thinks that this blog post is going to look like a sexist post. On the contrary, it is not meant to be like this, it is simply shedding light on the women hostesses in the 2nd Arab Net Conference in Beirut. For they are more than attractive figures that are selling items, we interviewed eight of the ladies to see what are their backgrounds and how much they are involved or in touch with technology. And since the conference has not delivered female speakers (barely three women in the first two days), we will let the ladies who are marketing the products tell a little bit about themselves.



Photo Credit: Osama Romoh


Name:  Christelle

Age: 22

Education Background: Accounting – Arab Open University – 2nd year

Which Agency? Joey Hostesses


Phone she uses: Nokia C3

Laptop she uses:  Toshiba

Camera she uses: Canon

Website(s) she often opens: Facebook  – Google

Best Facebook Feature: Wall

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